Sunday, June 18

Nike Golf Dress

Nike Golf Dress

Happy Sunday! I had a fun-filled weekend, and explored and walked around a lot. Yesterday evening, I went to Drink in Seaport, a place that I had been curious about. I absolutely loved it. You go in and there's no drink menu; you tell them what you like and the "mixologists" create a cocktail for you based off your stated preferences. I said that I wanted something sparkling, fruity, and sweet. I got some version of a French 75, which I have never had before up until I had it at Drink. I forgot what my friend got, but it was good, too. We ended up getting two rounds of the same drinks! The drinks were pretty strong, so there was definitely no dilution there. Midway through, they gave each party a mini cast-iron skillet filled with popcorn. It was adorable. I always love miniature versions of things. The popcorn was a perfect snack as well - I am a popcorn enthusiast. :) So my first trip to Drink was a positive experience and I hope to head over there again sometime. Also, it wasn't too crowded or rowdy, which is always nice. You can actually sit down and have a conversation! Of course there are more places to go for nights out in Boston, and I'm excited to check them out over time.

Irrelevant to Drink or nightlife in Boston, the U.S. Open is in progress. It's always odd because I normally think of the tennis U.S. Open when someone says U.S. Open, but now I'm talking about the golf U.S. Open. Who will win? Will Brooks Koepka maintain his lead? (Update: Yes, he's the winner, winner chicken dinner! Congrats!) But with the competition in full swing, I am picking up an interest in golf. More notably, in golf fashion. Because these guys are looking mighty fine out there. Golf attire is put-together, and I find that the outfits are almost always pleasant to look at. I went on Nike and looked at women's golf clothing. So. Cute. I loved pretty much their entire collection. One piece that really caught my eye though was this golf dress. I was never one to wear dresses while playing tennis (except one time when I matched with a doubles partner), but I would for sure don one on a golf course.

xo, I

p.s. After a long hiatus from being on a tennis court, I will resume practice. I so look forward to being back out on a court. :)