Monday, July 31

Breakfast Bowls

(Happy and Smiling) Breakfast Bowl

Happy Monday! This blog post is inspired by the breakfast bowl I have in front of me right now. Yes, yes, another day that I am simultaneously blogging and eating breakfast. It's an esoteric skill I pride myself on having. :p That humble brag aside, my breakfast bowl contains two hard-boiled eggs and a generous spoonful each of sautéed kale, roasted sweet potato, spiced chickpeas, and hummus. It's mighty filling and super delicious. And consequently, highly addicting...

In previous weeks I've gotten accustomed to simply eating two scrambled eggs for breakfast, but I found that my hunger wasn't kept at bay for as long as I'd wanted. Mid-morning stomach grumbles are unsurprisingly irksome... I also eventually get a slight case of the hangries if I don't feel satiated after breakfast. So here's where breakfast bowls step in. Both satisfying for my taste buds *and* my stomach (can I get a "hallelujah"), these hearty meals have been my go-to. Plus, the colors are a sight to see: the yellow yolks, the orange sweet potato, the green kale. A wonderful, wonderful thing, I tell ya.

Since I'm clearly already such a vocal proponent of breakfast bowls, I might as well go the extra mile and share with you my little secret: I prepare the ingredients for my bowl on the Sunday before the week begins and tupperware them in bulk (boiled 24 eggs yesterday, no biggie); that way, I can just spoon out each ingredient into the bowl without having to cook every morning. Occasionally I'll eat it as is, but most of the time I'll use the reheat setting on my microwave for some warmth. Takes me no longer than five minutes to throw the breakfast together. It's really my kind of comfort food, yet it still manages to be quick, simple, delicious, hearty, and healthy, all at once. I'll take a quintuple-win situation any day.

Here are four links to some breakfast bowl ideas: 1) Greatist, 2) Goop, 3) Food Network, 4) Shape. While I prefer mine to be savory, there are options for sweet breakfast bowls as well; honestly the options are limitless for breakfast bowls, and they are completely customizable to your liking. Oh, another thing... with the way that I prep my food, coupled with the savory goodness of my breakfast bowls, I'll also easily throw one together for lunch or dinner. Could not recommend this method more, it's the best. Less time wasted on cooking, more time expended on enjoying these amaaaaazing breakfast bowls.

xo, I

p.s. Just finished my breakfast bowl. I'm just. like. omg. *so* ready to seize the day. :p Also, I purchase all of my ingredients from Trader Joe's. I. Love. Trader. Joe's. And, I've just signed a lease to an apartment that is conveniently situated five minutes away from a Trader Joe's. How fabulous is that? I've been so giddy about it and seriously cannot wait to move in!