Saturday, August 05, 2017

Saturday Morning

Pretty peonies... love, love, love. :)

One of my biggest fears in life, which has only been developed since the start of this summer, is Trader Joe's discontinuing their frozen mango chunks. I kid you not, it's up there with Ben&Jerry's running out of business. I picked up and dropped off a television to my new apartment yesterday and since I knew that TJ's was nearby, I strolled right on over in hopes of purchasing some bags of frozen mango chunks. Note that I said "some" - there is absolutely zero point of going to TJ's to only buy *one* bag of frozen mango chunks. Come on, let's be real. Ain't nobody got time for that. Some or none, that's my motto when it comes to TJ's frozen mango chunks.

(FYI, to put this into perspective: according to several serious studies conducted by [name of serious institution that conducts several serious studies about mangos], the average human is more likely than not to not buy TJ's frozen mango chunks. I am most definitely not the average human *hair flip* - I once purchased 10 bags of frozen mango chunks from TJ's in one trip. Let that sink in for a minute.)

Anyway... please realize, if you haven't already, that the trajectory of my storytelling is almost always nonlinear... tangents on tangents, irrelevant details, yadayada. I'm working on it, okay. Or not, but the mental effort's there, I promise. And anyway... Alright, where was I. Right, back to the mangos. So I went to TJ's yesterday post-dropping-off-tv to buy frozen mangos. Even though I knew what my end goal was (to get ma hands on doze mangoz), I usually circumambulate TJ's starting from the left side of the store and then ending up on the right, going through each aisle, so I did just that - what can I say, I'm a creature of habit. Along the way I succumbed to inevitable Trader Joe's temptation: I picked up cookie butter cheesecake bites, cheese and green chile tamales, and brie/tomato flatbread. Happy I was, but not nearly as much as when I get my frozen mangos... should be incomparable, really. When I got to the rightmost freezer aisle (obviously I know exactly where my mangoz are placed), I peppily walked towards dem frozen mangoz.

Guess what. Just take a guess. Take a wiiiiild guess.



I couldn't believe it. This was an unprecedented situation to encounter since the start of this summer. Instead, in the section where these bags of gloriousness are normally placed were bags upon bags of frozen veggies... FROZEN. VEGGIES.

I don't dislike frozen veggies, but, uh... the last time I checked: FROZEN MANGO CHUNKS > FROZEN VEGGIES.

I don't know if this ridiculousness of FROZEN. VEGGIES. in place of frozen mango chunks will be a permanent fixture at this TJ's or not, but we shall find out because I will 1000000% be heading back there to check. When I came back home I frantically searched on the Googles if TJ's has discontinued or will discontinue their frozen mango chunks. Luckily no definitive answer has been posted about it so I'm hopeful they're just slow to restock or something. Anyhoos, one of my biggest fears in life might become a reality, if it hasn't already been. What a way to begin the weekend. *Eating my frozen pineapple chunks, bitterly* How do you say it? Oh, right... I am so, so, soooo salty right now. Thanks, Trader Joe's, thanks.

xo, I

p.s. My "saltiness" has faded after 0.02 seconds. Feeling good about a restock. Feeling really good about it. It's happening. Ready to tackle my Saturday. Ready to tackle the weekend. Ready to tackle all of the tackling. Happy happy Saturday! :)

See you soon, my love. See you soon.