Monday, August 14, 2017

This or That: Louis Vuitton Bag

Capucines PMLockit PM

Happy Monday! I've blogged about my wishlist of bags before but today I thought I'd put two bags from that list in a little "This or That" showdown or battle or comparison, whichever you'd like to call it. My bags wishlist blog post was created almost a year ago and while I might end up narrowing that list by removing some bags or expanding that list by adding some bags, as of right now, those bags are still on my radar. 

As I explained briefly in that post, I prefer my bags to be ones that are classic or timeless... "ones that I can see myself using for a long time" as I put it. I currently have four bags: a large black tote from Zara, a small nude crossbody from Zara, a small black crossbody from Rebecca Minkoff, and a medium black satchel from Marc by Marc Jacobs. I purchased all of these bags on sale; the small nude crossbody bag was beyond affordable at $8... it'd have been silly of me to not purchase it, especially knowing I'd be able to wear it all the time, which I do! (In general, I rarely purchase clothing or fashion items at full-price, I avoid that if possible.) The other three bags I've also used so so so much. 

The four bags that I currently own. Very emotionally attached to the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, haha. It was my very first "real" handbag!

For a night out, I'll either use the Zara crossbody or the Rebecca Minkoff crossbody. For class, I'd use the Zara tote or the Marc by Marc Jacobs satchel. Each of these bags are versatile and can be used for a variety of occasions, whether it be for running errands, a night out, or for a day trip, etc. Oh, also, my Marc by Marc Jacobs bag was my very first "real" handbag and I purchased that during my freshman year of high school with saved up allowance money from my parents, haha. I had done extensive research (I'm that kind of person :p) and set my eyes on that bag for the longest time; once I saw it on sale, I knew it was meant to be and bought it straight away. It's been a happy 8 years with that bag now and I don't intend on ever getting rid of it.

I guess my philosophy towards purchasing things is that I see them as investment pieces, so to say. This applies to everything (because price-per-wear, etc. etc.), but obviously more so with pricier items. I definitely don't want to shell out lots of moolah to buy something and then end up not using it - that'd be a waste! So I like to do my research and really think through if I'd be able to use the item long-term and have it mix-and-match with lots of outfits or looks. That way, once I buy it, I'll feel comfortable with my decision and will have that peace of mind knowing I truly loved and wanted the bag for its look, versatility, and long-term potential.

Capucines PM

What began as a blog post specifically for two Louis Vuitton bags became a refresher on the bags that I own as well as my mindset towards purchasing fashion items... that was all background information to get an insight into my thoughts on these two bags. Both the Capucines PM and the Lockit PM from Louis Vuitton have an understated yet sophisticated look to them. I am generally averse to the logo-emblazoned-all-over-or-in-your-face look, so I love the simplicity of these two bags. The Capucines is more structured while the Lockit seems like it'd be more malleable. I love the galet nude color on both bags, but I also love the black and magnolia pink colors. 

Lockit PM

The Capucines is a little smaller in size, has two separate compartments, and does not close all the way. The Lockit is a bit larger, has one throw-everything-in compartment, and has a full-zip closure. The Capucines PM in the galet taurillon leather option comes in at $4,800 and the Lockit PM in the galet taurillon leather option comes in at $3,650. Certainly pricier than most bags, but with my foresight, I'd be able to use these for a long time. I love both, but I'm liking the Capucines PM a lot more right now (really like the crossbody strap option, too). Maybe I'll end up purchasing one, or both, of these sometime in the future, along with some of the other bags on my wishlist... :) 

xo, I