Sunday, December 24, 2017

Salmon With Anchovy-Garlic Butter

Amidst all of the eventually-bound-to-occur chaotic holiday prep (read: frantically shopping, meticulously decorating, mentally preparing, etc. etc., you know, all of the good stuff), one bonus is the opportunity to make and eat lots of delicious food. It should go without saying that not only am I a fan of fastidiously cooking meals, but I am also one of eating the meals afterwards. My theory is that a happy belly directly correlates to a happy soul... or something along those lines.

These past few days I've been eating some not-so-healthy* food, simply because while I was back in Boston, I stuck with the same repetitive, simple, healthy meals every day - in proper "I'm unabashedly a stringently regimented, old-habits-die-hard kind of person" fashion. (*Note: using the descriptor of "some not-so-healthy" is me being kind to myself... what it really means: copious amounts of sweets and packaged foods.) Naturally, coming home to the goodies that my parents have stored in their pantry, fridge, cabinets - wherever, you name it, I scavenged the area - I took it upon myself to indulge and partake in gluttonous food consumption behavior. Right, what a proactive and go-getter of a thing for me to do.

Now that I am officially twenty dress sizes larger, while concurrently coupled with my freshly gained prideful feeling of being 10% less confident in my ability to withhold my will-power and short-term gratification threshold, I feel that my job has been well-done and successfully completed. My support system of me, myself, and I in this situation just nodded in approval to that accomplishment via an uninhibitedly enthusiastic round of applause. Thank you, my dearest of friends.

Nonetheless flattered and humbled by their gesture, I've decided to exit out of my methodically devised plan to eat everything edible in sight in my parental's household. Moving forward, I'll actually go on to make use of our kitchen and cook healthier, wholesome meals. Here's one recipe that I fully intend to make... in fact, probably tonight: NYT Cooking's Salmon With Anchovy-Garlic Butter. I've made this dish numerous times, and each attempt has been triumphant... that's a safe bet I'll need to take as I dive in head first into the treacherous waters of kitchen duties. Though I so look forward to it!

xo, I