Monday, May 07, 2018

My Go-To Shoes

These wedges are my ride-or-die. I wear them everyday. They are super comfy, cute, and effortless. Not to mention, the neutral color matches with everything! I purchased these last summer from the J.Crew Factory site (aka got them on major sale!). Unfortunately it seems that they are no longer on J.Crew Factory and have now reverted back to being a full-priced item on the main J.Crew website. Bonus, though: you can get 25% off right now with the code "goshop" - not bad, especially while weighing in on how frequently you will want to grab these to wear, and that the original price is still under $150. I really want to purchase another pair just in case mine wear out and J.Crew decides to discontinue the shoes. Like I said, I have worn these nonstop recently and although they are not showing signs of wear-and-tear, I do fear the one day that they somehow give out. I have high hopes that won't happen *fingers crossed*, but you never know... retaining backups for goody go-to items should be a must. At this rate, I can't imagine not wearing these... they truly are my favs!

xo, I

p.s. After a long hiatus of blogging, I see that my penchant for overusing ellipses hasn't strayed. Initially I had maybe four more sets of them in the above paragraph. Sigh, old habits die hard. But I own up to it: I AM AN ELLIPSES OVERUSER. Now I can proceed onto my Monday like a normal human being. Dot dot dot.

Update: Just kidding! These are available on J.Crew Factory! My life is made!