Sunday, May 27, 2018

Super Sunday

Goooood morning. Happy happy Sundaaaaay. :) It is the long weekend... which means extra relaxing times. Well, although I am essentially having a lengthened summer vacay before school starts, you should never let the overarching "vibe" of a long weekend escape you, amiright *rapid eyebrow raises, smirky smirk smile*. It was beautiful out yesterday. I went for a nice baby jog/walk situation by the water... so sunny and toasty... a few hours later while at home, I noticed I was as red as a tomato! (Hmm... maybe it is now timely to get that new aloe vera gel from TJ's.) No complaints because it was such a pleasant surprise for it to be nice out; the weather app indicated a few days prior that rain was to be anticipated for the entire weekend. Today it's raining, but I'll take one sunny day over zero any day. And when it's gloomy and lots of water is falling from the sky, sometimes all ya want to do is stay in and be cozy... which I will most definitely be doing. Reading, drawing, playing the piano, exercising... listening to ma gurl Celine Dion. Admit it, you know you're not doing a rainy day right if you're not listening to some good ol' Celine.

Some of my favorite Celine Dion songs, in no particular order...

1) Because You Loved Me

2) To Love You More

3) My Love

4) Love Can Move Mountains

5) A New Day Has Come

6) Pour que tu m'aimes encore

7) That's the Way It Is

8) I'm Alive

9) I Believe in You (Je crois en toi)

10) Tous les secrets de ton coeur

This isn't an exhaustive list of my favs, but my goodness, she is incredible. My mother introduced me and my sister to her when we were younger. I recall listening to her "A New Day Has Come" album cd on our old-school cd player. And then we'd also blast that via our equally old-school stereo set so that we could have total dance parties on top of a living room table... no biggie, ten-/eight-year olds dancing to Celine Dion. Well, I've been a fan of her ever since, and we actually all saw her perform live in Vegas earlier this year. I am blown away by her passion, dedication, and energy after all this time, and those characteristics from her were even more apparent while performing live on stage. She exudes this incomparably vibrant personality, is ageless (loved the fashion/dresses she wore!), and her voice live is just... pure and not much different from the radio/cd edits. Not to mention, the strength she showed after all that she went through solidifies how much I respect her... talented singer and amazing woman. I dream of when I can sit front row at another one of her concerts... hopefully one day! She definitely is an idol... except the next time anyone catches me singing is..... [undeterminable but exceptionally long period of time]. Anyway, off I go to listen to some ballads by CD, attempt to maybe get a chance to be on American Idol in the year of 5018, and enjoy this weekend!

xo, I

p.s. Love CD's new song, Ashes, from Deadpool. And the Steve Aoki remix, too. I haven't seen the new Deadpool, but I watched the first one and can we just all come to an uncontested decision that Ryan Reynolds is the best and he and Blake Lively make the best Hollywood couple (well, maybe Amal/George are my fav, I'll do some soul searching and figure this important stuff out today) and their family is the best? Stalk their social media. They mess with each other and it's the best thing ever.