Thursday, May 24, 2018

Thursday Thoughts

Once upon a time, in a far away land, a girl named "I" decided to relocate from major city to major city. From San Francisco, to Boston, to New York City, she proved her obsession to be around cities with problematic traffic to be stringently non-negotiable when deciding where to move next. (LA, don't even think about it. You are on another level! My memories of being stuck in paralyzed traffic for hours on end during a road trip to Disneyland when I was in elementary school still haunt me to this day... thanks a lot!) Nonetheless, she makes her way downtown, à la Vanessa Carlton circa 2001, and enjoys going through the process of starting new chapters of her life as much as she enjoys going through the process of devouring containers of Trader Joe's Mediterranean Hummus... a don't ask, don't tell policy holds for how many she has consumed thus far. She will now stop referring to herself from a third-person vantage point and will share what has been up. Or down. Or all the way around town.

1) There is nothing like making lists in numeric order. I feel as though I am truly "adulting" or something. Me using "adulting" in a blog post is properly indicative of me "adulting" as well. But numeric ordering does have a sort of primitive quality to it that makes me question if me feeling compelled to write things in such a manner makes me a person who is genuinely "adulting" or not. Gosh, I'm such a phony.

2) The "Yacht Rock" playlist by Spotify is one of the coolest ever. By association, me listening to it repetitively for the past 24hrs makes me one of the coolest Spotify listeners ever. Someone please reaffirm to me that listening to the "Yacht Rock" playlist on Spotify makes me one of the coolest Spotify listeners ever. Lie if you must. No one will know. Except for the "Yacht Rock" lords who will take you down inconspicuously via their "Yacht Rock" coolness. Fair warning: be careful. (It makes me so happy that "You Make My Dreams" is the first song on the list. It is ma jaaam. I chose that as one song to put on my college team's warmup playlist.)

3) I wonder if anyone gets as much satisfaction as I do when I do a full-on apartment cleaning sesh. Because I mean, I go all out. And I make it a solo dance party. Vacuum. Vroom vroom. Yacht Rock. Untz untz. There is no holding back when I start to clean. One note about me... I like to keep things nice and tidy and organized. My closet is in colored order. And each color group is ordered from left-to-right: jackets, dresses, long-sleeves, short-sleeves, tanks. Pants (although I rarely wear them, I am a dress girl) are also grouped by color. Also, mostly everything in my apartment furniture-wise is white, other than the black piano keyboard I have. I am a huge fan of the all-white look. Oh, and my upstairs neighbors must think I have a million cheerios to vacuum or something. My floors better be spotless!

4) Miss USA was on Monday. Miss Nebraska USA won... CONGRATS GIRL! Loved her look and her personality. She will be a fantastic Miss USA. Amongst an amazing group of women, I am sure that the selection committee (this year's judging panel) had a difficult decision to make. But how exciting! I was out on Monday night so I didn't get to watch the pageant in its entirety; I will try to watch it sometime soon on Youtube if it is available. I competed in my first pageant last November at Miss Massachusetts USA and it was one of the most incredible weekends of my life. Walking on stage was definitely one of the top and most memorable moments I have ever had. I can only imagine the joy that this year's group of Miss USA contestants had while they were there. They are all winners in my book!

5) TRADER JOE'S IS STILL THE BEST PLACE EVER. EVER. I see you, TJ's on 31st, I see you. Shoutout. It has to be my favorite place in New York so far. Hmm... what does that say about moi?

xo, I