Monday, June 18, 2018

3001 Pacific Avenue | San Francisco

Cozy and comfy family/living room. Cuddle up with a book or two in here.
Here is a 13,643 sq. ft. San Francisco residence with 8 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. I love the foundation of the rooms, with the expansive space and large windows that bring in lots of sunshine... but for me, there would be some renovations to undertake. The brick exterior I am personally lukewarm about, although it does add character and is a part of the building's charm. I am also always a fan of all-white cabinetry, so any of the wooden details I'd change... I think all-white brightens up a space a whole lot while dreary wood dulls down a room. The bathrooms would end up having white marble detailing and the kitchen would follow suit with the all-white/marble design. Well, these are just my ideas, but hey, whoever buys this might end up loving every single part of it just as is! No additional spending on top of the $16,000,000 listing isn't so bad either. Either way, this is another gorgeous property to marvel at in San Francisco! More pics below...

xo, I

GORGEOUS DINING ROOM. The symmetry... *gushing* I love this room so much. The way they staged it is perfect. Dinner parties galore.

Would definitely change cabinets to make them white or ivory. I like open kitchens with islands that connect to the living or family rooms for entertaining purposes... people can gather together around the kitchen. This one is its own individual room and is rather closed off. But still spacious and wouldn't stop me from cooking, haha.

Large windows allow plenty of natural lighting to enter this office.

I spy a grand piano! A Steinway? Hmm... :) I can see this being turned into a fun multipurpose game/music/movie room. You can head outside too for a nice barbecue or whatever else.

Brick exterior adds character.

Gorgeous view of the city.

Nice sized bedroom with extra room for seating/lounging area. I am curious about the his/her closets though!!! Haha :p