Sunday, June 17, 2018

Reiss Sale

Oh. My. Goodness. Reiss is having a major sale right now. I am trying my best to contain my excitement. Both my next-door and upstairs neighbors brought me brown paper bags because they could hear me hyperventilating and thought I was dying. FEAR NOT, neighbors, it's just your girl strongly emoting over one of her favorite store's ongoing summer sale. In any case, brown paper bags can save the world... one 10:1-jelly-to-peanut-butter-ratio pb&j packed lunch at a time. But really, if there is a time to go on a little shopping spree, now could not be more ideal... Reiss is predominantly stocked with timeless, elegant, and versatile pieces which will serve you well for a long time. I mentioned in a previous post how my friend introduced me to this store. His style's classic, and when he led me into the Newbury Street store, I legitimately wanted every dress on the racks. Him getting his suit tailored, me gushing over pretty dresses. Go Reiss. The brand epitomizes classic fashion, and is relatively affordable while looking especially put-together. This sale is so the highlight of my year! I personally won't be getting anything since I'm on my student budget, but I did calendar this period of time on an annual repeat basis so I am well prepared and won't miss out on it in the future. You can bet that 25-year old me will be all over this summer sale for work or cocktail dresses. Meanwhile, here are my favorite pieces from this year's collection...

xo, I